Coastal Retreat (27 April – 2 May 2018, San Sebastián)

Live the Spanish language and its culture through one of its richest and more special regions.


Basque Country and San Sebastián enjoy an exquisite gastronomical culture, a specific culture and landscapes that will leave you speechless.


There isn't a better way to learn a language than living it, and there is nothing that encourages learning more than surrounding oneself with the language and the culture in a relaxing atmosphere oriented to the enjoyment as much as to the learning.


Get ready to enjoy of the beauty of the sea in Playa de la Concha, of their welcoming and good-natured people, of their gastronomy, because being in San Sebastián is synonymous of good-food and its art. 


Homemade experience.

Live the Spanish language through everyday homemade activities. Prepare the meals in Spanish, go to the market in Spanish, chat about the exquisite wine that you are drinking with your friends, enjoy of a movie from the comfort of your couch and discuss it with your friends... in Spanish. All in Spanish. 


Remember that learning a language is learning a culture, and culture is nothing more than a way of life. 


What a better way to learn and assimilate a culture than to live it to the maximum, in your flesh, as a regular Spaniard would do?


Ewa and I invite you to this experience of real Spanish, in an incomparable setting in which learning, enjoyment and relaxation merge so that you can leave this retreat feeling a little bit Spanish.

The Organizers


Ewa Bazarnicka

Ewa has worked in language education for 16 years, with both young people and adults, in schools in different regions. She is a trained language teacher and linguist. She has a burning interest in languages ​​and cultures and she herself has been language student throughout her life, so she understands the student's struggles when learning a language. Find her in

María Ortega García _ Spanish teacher

María Ortega García

María has been a language teacher since 2006 and has been running her own online language education business since 2011. She has training as a language teacher and a masters and PhD in Scenery Arts. Teaching is her passion and her main goal in her lessons and retreats is to facilitate experiences for the student to assimilate the culture, understand the mindset underneath the language and enjoy the experience.

The Activities

Kundalini yoga in Spanish every morning for any interested.

Preparation of the meals following the guidance of the teachers.

Going to the market to get the groceries in Spanish.

A lesson of Basque language and culture.

A wine lesson including pairing with food.

Visit to the old city and the port.

Discussions about culture and language.

Lessons every day with María and Ewa.

Tapas nights.

Movie nights.

And more daily activities in Spanish to soak in the culture as much as the language.

This experience includes

Full board accommodation and all activities and visits.


Do you want to experience this?

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