Spanish Essays Correction

I correct essays and assignments in all levels in Spanish.


0,025€ per word (0,03 $)

300 words – 7,50€ (8,6 $)
1000 words – 25 € (28.6 $) …

How this service works?

  1. You contact me by clicking in the envelope ✉️ . In this email you send me the essay and tell me when do you need to have it corrected, also, please, tell me your time zone. Please note that a minimum of 24h in advance is required.
  2. I will have a look at the essay, count the words and email you back with the approximate time you will have your corrections (I normally correct the essays in the same day, so less than 24h) and I will send you a payment request .
  3. Once I receive the payment I will start the corrections.
  4. I will email you back your text via Google Docs with my corrections in the comments.
  5. After this, a conversation via email is open to discuss and explain the corrections.


“I first contacted Maria through her website in order to help me with some essays. She replied to me within a few hours acknowledging my request and explained the process to follow. After replying back to her message with my essays she took only one day to correct all four of them and return to them all to me. The corrections were very helpful and clear. I look forward to using Maria again to help me with my Spanish in the future.” – Anish K. (16th May 2015)