Gift Certificate

Winter is here and from a cosy sofa in Berlin (where I’m all wrapped up), I decided that I want to share the warmth by sending some gifts to you all. Whether a past/new student, passing visitor, or life long learner it doesn’t matter; this offer is for everyone interested in learning a new language, improving their skills, or giving the gift of knowledge to a loved one. For a limited time only you can buy a discounted gift certificate for 3 hours worth of general Spanish classes (normally priced at 60€) for 49.99€

3 hours

A new language




Yes that’s 49,99€ rather than 60€ for 3 full hours worth of Spanish classes (in 30 minute or 1 hour increments). Can you get a better deal anywhere else?

This offer is only valid from the 10th of November up until the 23rd of December 2013 (but is redeemable anytime), so ¡dáte prisa! (which means: hurry up!). What is better than giving the gift of learning to your loved ones? What could be better than offering something as valuable as the ability to communicate with new and interesting cultures? And Spanish is cool! Just saying… 😉

And don’t forget for anyone who is learning or teaching Spanish, that my new book is now on sale here: