Music in Spanish Playlist

Music is possibly one of the best complements to learn Spanish (or any language).


Because music is sticky. Who hasn’t listened to their favourite songs over and over until they know them by heart? This repetition, accompanied by a catchy tune, is the perfect formula for getting new words and phrases stuck in your brain so you can’t get rid of them.

Because it’s portable: You can take music with you to listen to anywhere. Keep a playlist on your phone to listen to your favourite songs in Spanish (I can help you with this) anytime you have a few minutes free. Be sure to listen actively; that is, pay attention to the words, pronunciation and cadence (I offer some support for this too).

Because it improves your pronunciation: The joy of singing along to songs you love makes it easier for you to pick up correct pronunciation.

And because lyrics help you learn vocabulary in context.

For all these reasons, and because it’s fun, I have created a playlist with songs in Spanish for you to learn the language through music.

Click here or in the image to follow the playlist in Spotify. And if you prefer videos, subscribe to the Youtube playlist here.

As mentioned before, I can offer support in you active listening. Accompanying some of the songs, I have created a pdf with the lyrics, translations of some words, activities for you to practise and didactic use (for teachers of Spanish).
Archive here.
  • Míranos, Alex Ubago. Click here.
  • Despacito, Luis Fonsi