| Spanish Urban Retreat |

Five days of immersion in Spanish language and culture. From the 27th April – 2nd May, Burgos (Spain).

Five days of wanders through stone-paved streets, peppered with pilgrims in their Camino de Santiago journey, gothic churches and traditional bars and restaurants.

In Burgos (Spain), history seeps through every pore but that is not all that this city has to offer, there is tradition, gastronomy and language.

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| Spanish Writing Retreat |

A retreat in the Guadarrama mountains focused in finding the inspiration in Spanish. From the 5th to the 9th October (El Boalo, Spain).

✒︎ Breathtaking scenery.
✒︎ Mouthwatering homemade food.
✒︎ Creative Writing workshops, including thought provoking conversations and an incalculable amount of laughs…
✒︎ Walks around nature in search of the muse.
✒︎ Cultural visits. History + Art + Culture = Deeper understanding of Spain and Spaniards.

Partnering with Spanish in Nature.

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