| Spanish Island Retreat |

Relax your mind. Hikes around this gorgeous island. A pottery lesson in Spanish.. A visit of a prehistoric village. Walks by the beach. All your body and your mind need to relax and unwind. There is proven research that tells us that we learn better with a relaxed brain.

Immerse in the Majorican Culture. Food. Visit the town. Interact with the locals. The pottery in Mallorca has a very long history. You will receive a pottery lesson to experience the creation of such a traditional Majorican craft.

 Speak at ease We will have a daily (3h) workshop about different topics related with the experience. You will learn vocabulary, estructures of the real Spanish used in conversation.

During the night, we debate. Grab a glass of wine or a refreshing juice, make yourself comfortable and we will discuss. Debate nights happen after a nice dinner and the long summer nights.

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| Previous Retreats |

Curious about what happened in previous retreats?

We have done a |Creative Writing Retreat| in Sierra de Guadarrama (Madrid), October 2016, and a |Spanish Urban Retreat| in Burgos, April 2017. Click here to get the vibe.