Spanish Creative Writing

Sierra de Guadarrama (Madrid) - 7th - 9th October 2016

You love all things Spanish

...the culture, the country, the history, the people, the sun...

Learning a language is so much more than just learning the grammar and the vocabulary.

Learning a language means communicating and expressing yourself fully in it. It is not about translating word by word from your mother language into Spanish, but to be able to express an idea without translating it.

One of the beauties of learning a foreign language is that you express yourself differently in each language. You are capable of becoming a different person with a different voice.

This happens when you understand the culture behind the language you are communicating in. You understand "their" ways. That understanding in confluence with your personality create a whole new you.

This alchemy is a magical process that creates a wonderful sense of expansion. You grow. You unfold.

This retreat is for you if:

  • You are learning Spanish
  • You love the Spanish culture and you travel to Spain whenever you get the chance.
  • You want to fully grasp the culture, the mindset and create the alchemy within you to finally express who you are in Spanish.


880€ private room

Come with a friend and share the room (30% discounted price) : 640€ each

What it includes:

✒︎ The transport from and to Madrid airport

✒︎ Full board accommodation (4 days / 4 nights)

✒︎ Homemade traditional Spanish food

✒︎ Full immersion in Spanish

✒︎ A cooking lesson

✒︎ A flamenco lesson

✒︎ Four writing workshops

✒︎ Walks around this gorgeous hilly area

✒︎ Visit to Segovia

✒︎ Free time to wander around, get inspired and write your Spanish soul down.

Where we'll be getting inspired...

What happened...

7 - 9 October 2016 in El Boalo, Madrid with our hosts, the welcoming family from Spanish in Nature.


✒︎ Breathtaking scenery.

✒︎ Mouthwatering food (kudos to Esther, the chef, for the love and fresh ingredients masterfully mixed in all her dishes).

✒︎ Creative Writing workshops, including thought provoking conversations and an incalculable amount of laughs...

✒︎ Walks around nature in search of the muse.

✒︎ Cultural visits. History + Art + Culture = Deeper understanding of Spain and Spaniards.

I am more than pleased with how the retreat went. My desire for this Creative Writing Retreat was to have an inspiring experience while learning and improving the language.

Mission accomplished!