If you are interested in a long term training and you plan to do a certain amount of lessons per week, you can benefit from a discount if you subscribe to one of these two options:

Option 1

• 2 x 1hour lessons per week = 8 hours worth of lessons per month*



Price: 150€ monthly recurring payment which is discounted by 10€ from the 160€ normal price.

Option 2

• 3 x 1 hour lessons per week = 12 hours worth of lessons per month*



Price:  210€ monthly recurring payment which is discounted 30€ from the 240€ regular price.

* Lessons expire at the end of each month whether you use them or not. Lessons that haven’t been booked within the month do not accumulate in the following month.

You can easily unsubscribe from these recurrent payments with the following “Unsubscribe” button below: