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Vocabulary of the Senses


As we advance in the journey of learning Spanish and we deepen in the Spanish language, we need resources to express with more and more detail our emotions, our surroundings, our views… These resources for advanced Spanish are at our disposal in books. Literature tends to be very descriptive because the goal is to drag the reader in the story with expressions that he or she can understand and identify with.

Descriptive vocabulary becomes essential to explain in depth, facilitates understanding and to make our audience relate with our words.

The best way to illustrate an emotion, a situation or a feeling is by the means of the senses. So, in this post and video (above) we are going to deal with this topic. How to thoroughly describe a situation or a feeling by resorting to our senses, the sense in our body.

Watch the video to find the vocabulary and resources in Spanish and if you feel so inclined, do the activities suggested in the second half of the video. You can post your answers for correction in our private Facebook group for upper-intermediate and advanced students of Spanish called Compass Spanish – The Experience, just request access and start interacting with us. I correct everything that is posted in the group, pinky promise!

→→→ Download the slides from the video here.