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For both students and teachers!

This is the material I use as my main tool for classes with beginners (it encompasses about 20 hours of classes!). In my classes I always reinforce the lessons with additional resources (audio files and online materials) as well as lots of speaking to practice all the content and the vocabulary. You can get this book for only 6 € and you will get the audio files for the exercises also.

Students: If you want to learn Spanish and are a beginner, this is perfect for you. Also, if you need some help with any of the points, don’t hesitate to book a class with me (if you want some speaking practice too!).

Teachers: This is a great base curriculum/text for your Spanish classes because it is specifically designed for online classes! It is the material I have been creating for my classes since I started teaching online back in 2011. The content works wonderfully with my students (hence the reason why I decided to compile it all in to one book!).

Don’t wait another second! Whether you are a student or teacher, get this book and start learning or teaching Spanish now!

Curso de Español 1 (Iniciación A1 – A2): ISBN 978-84-616-4212-0 / NoReg. 201363839


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Note: Send me an email to (learn@mariarortegagarcia.com) once you have purchased the book and I will send you the accompanying audio files!