Urban Retreat (12 – 18 February 2018, Valencia)

Valencia, combines the urban feel with the relaxing sun and sea vibe.

Mixes old and new, medieval castles with art deco architecture, and it is the "City of Arts and Sciences".

Its riverbed has become the biggest inner city urban park in Europe.

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Indulge your senses with the sweet horchata,
sink your feet in the sand or walk in paved old streets.

Know about its history and people while discussing the Vicente Blasco Ibáñez novel La Barraca.


Experience Spain and Spanish culture in this immersion retreat where experiencing and learning collide.


A boat trip on the National Park of Albufera on a traditional boat and then enjoy a delicious paella onsite.

Visit a traditional "barraca" in the Albufera. A "barraca" is the typical Valencian house, mainly built in the countryside. They are made from raw materials such woods, reeds and mud.

We'll collect our own veggies from the veggie garden and cook them.

Then we'll go on a horse carriage walk, visit a Barraca museum and an exhibition of farm carriages and tools from the 19th century, to finally indulge ourselves in a traditional valencian menu including mojama (tuna jerky), esgarrat, all i pebre, paella, and cocas Cristinas and mistela for dessert!

Retreat Schedule

Day 1

Monday 12th February 2018

  • Arrival
  • Settle and Practicalities
  • Lunch
  • Workshop 1
  • Valencia Cathedral and the Holy Grail
  • Dinner
Day 2

Tuesday 13th February 2018

  • Breakfast
  • Workshop 2a
  • Valencia Fallas Tour
  • Lunch
  • Workshop 2b
  • Reading and Discussion "La Barraca" over a horchata.
  • Dinner
Day 3

Wednesday 14th February 2018

  • Breakfast
  • Workshop 3a
  • Valencia's Central Market
  • Lunch
  • Workshop 3b
  • Dinner
Day 4

Thursday 15th February 2018

  • Breakfast
  • Workshop 4a
  • Boat trip + paella
  •  Workshop 4b
  • Dinner
  • Theatre Night
Day 5

Friday 16th February 2018

  • Breakfast
  • Turia Riverbed Park + Reading and commenting "La Barraca"
  • Lunch
  • Workshop 4
  • Museum
  • Dinner
Day 6

Saturday 17th February 2018

  • Breakfast
  • Workshop 5
  • "Day in a Barraca"
  • Dinner
Day 7

Sunday 18th February 2018

  • Breakfast
  • Departure

*This is a sample retreat schedule, and subject to changes.

The Workshops

Daily Workshops

The retreat comprises five three hour workshops around different aspects of the Spanish culture. These themed workshops deal with relevant vocabulary and structures in a relaxed atmosphere.

Reading & Discussion

This retreat also includes two bookclub style discussions (2h each) around different extracts of the novel "La Barraca" by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, set in the 19th Century Valencia. Every night, after dinner, we will also read or discuss fragments of "La Barraca" while indulging in Spanish wine.

The Location

The port city of Valencia lies on Spain’s southeastern coast, where the Turia River meets the Mediterranean Sea.
It’s known for its City of Arts and Sciences, with futuristic structures including a planetarium, an oceanarium and an interactive museum.
Valencia also has several beaches, including some within nearby Albufera Park, a wetlands reserve with a lake and walking trails.

Your Accommodation

Your will stay in a five bedroom apartment in the city centre.
  • WiFI
  • Air conditionning
  • Heating
  • Two bathrooms
  • TV

The Investment

6 nights accommodation
Full board (meals provided by a renowned catering service)
2 x Trips to Albufera (including boat trips, typical Valencian menus and cultural activities).
1 x Cooking class in a restaurant (Create a Tapas Table)
1 x Guided tour about Valencia's Fallas.
1 x Theatre Ticket 
5 x Workshops
2 x Bookclub guided discussions
All tickets to organised visits to museums or exhibitions.

Early Bird

Available until 15th November or the available spots are gone.


Regular Price


Are you in?


You need to send a deposit of 350€ to secure your spot and contact me to get to know each other and arrange what happens until the day we all meet in person.

Interested but have some questions?

Reach out, I'd love to hear from you! 

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