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Spanish Creative Writing Course

This 10 week course is designed to clear the way to self-expression in Spanish. We will use a wide array of tools that will trigger the student’s narrative instincts. We will also learn different text formats, narrative, poetry, short story, theatre…

Each week / session includes:

✒︎ 1h online lesson to work on the structure of the text and on developing techniques to express yourself and find inspiration.

✒︎ 1 page exercise assignment in different  formats, focusing on their main task for each session + corrections and feedback.

✒︎ 1 reading related  each week’s topic + 30min discussion about the reading (in Spanish)

The sessions will comprise exercises and discussions about the assigned readings.

You can complete the course in 10 weeks or complete each week material at your own pace.

Price: 500€

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creative-writing-retreat Spanish Academic Writing

✒︎ Ideal to prepare for a written exam in Spanish. You will be prepared for the written test in DELE.

✒︎ The goal is that you learn and practice different types of writing and improve your business or technical writing skills.

✒︎ You will get some directions on how to write a certain text (letters, specialized texts, literature, CVs, resumes…) and will assign you to write one, which I will correct and send back to you with all the corrections explained and feedback necessary for you to improve your written skills.

✒︎ The course includes  10h of online tutoring and 10  writing assignments (1 per 1h lesson), plus corrections and feedback.

Price: 350€

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