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Episode 1: Entrevista con Giovanni Solarte, artista gráfico e ingeniero

Giovanni sabía que, a pesar de que se le dieran bien las matemáticas, una ingeniería no era lo suyo, pero la presión del entorno fue más fuerte. Decidir entre lo que se supone que es lo mejor para ti según los dictados de la sociedad y el entorno, y aquello […]

Describe your morning routine in Spanish and create a successful Spanish routine

Cada día es un nuevo comienzo.(Every day is a new beginning)  <img width=”1170″ height=”350″ src=”” alt=”” srcset=” 1170w,×90.png 300w,×230.png 768w,×306.png 1024w” sizes=”(max-width: 1170px) 100vw, 1170px” /> There are multiple reasons why you should be comfortable describing your  morning routine, one of them being the DELE exam (as […]

Talking about the past (IV): Pluscuamperfecto de Indicativo (Past Perfect) 2

In previous posts we have learnt about the “Pretérito Perfecto”, the “Imperfecto” and the “Indefinido”. In this post we are going to learn how to form and use the “Pluscuamperfecto”, the last of the past tenses in Spanish. In a next post we will learn how to use all the […]

Talk about what the others say: Reported speech in Spanish 11

We use the reported speech when we want to say what other people say, think or believe. There are two ways of report this information: Direct speech: when we transmit the original message word for word. We introduce the information with an introductory verb followed by inverted commas. Example: The […]