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You are searching for opportunities to practise Spanish and connect with other Spanish learners.

I hear you.

Every month, we have a 60 min group call about different topics, from culture, philosophy, literature, art, personal development…

You have access to materials we’ll discuss so you can prepare in advance.

The call is a casual guided conversation in Spanish where you can participate or just listen. 

The goal is to practise your Speaking skills in a supportive environment.


Friday, 5th July 2019

8am PDT / 11pm EDT / 5pm CEST

Topic: Debate: La vida, ¿es soportable? (Life, is it bearable?)


Watch video:  “La vida ¿es soportable?” in RTVE

I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed this afternoon’s discussion and the opportunity to see and hear some of your other students. As always your questions were excellent in probing the material and eliciting our opinions. Thanks,

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