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Talleres presenciales

Deja que tu español tome cuerpo. Let your Spanish take shape.

August 2019

Date: August 2019

Location: LangFest 2019, Montreal (Canada) 

Kerstin Cable & María Ortega García

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Creative Writing, Performance, and Public Speaking

Do you struggle to express your true self in another language?

Do you wish you could find the right words for how you feel?

In this session, join María and Kerstin as we explore how creative writing and performance can help you express yourself authentically, find more courage to speak and elevate your communication skills.

This is a double session. In part 1, María will introduce a powerful tool that you can add to your learning routine: creative writing. No matter if you write a poem or a story, creative writing will help you express yourself better than you ever expressed yourself before.

In part 2, the stage is yours if you want it! Kerstin will teach you how to approach good performance and public speaking, even when it’s in a language you are learning. Discover how to hold your nerve and perform with impact in this interactive workshop.

Come along and rise to a new challenge with us in this inspiring session.

June 2019

Date: 22nd June, 11am – 1pm

Location: Mind the Step Cafe,
24 Strand Street Great, Dublin, IrelandDublin

Nathalie Moyano & María Ortega García

Price: 25€

Flamenco and Poetry: The Spanish Rhythm

Spanish is more than just words… Just like Flamenco is not a Spanish dance.

They are pure rhythm. They are visceral. They express our emotions beyond our intellect.

They are both art forms. 

This workshop is not about learning to dance flamenco, nor is it about learning to speak Spanish. It is about expressing your real self and conveying your emotions through body and soul, in Spanish.


In this workshop we will explore emotion through Lorca poems and Flamenco dance.

July 2019

Date: 6th July, 1pm – 3:30pm

Location: Sampoorna Yoga Studio
Hopstraat 40 Rue du Houblon, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Stephanie Lisa Kelly & María Ortega García

Price: 35€

Chaos and potential: Poetry as a gateway to self-awareness

We fear chaos instinctively. But within chaos lies potential. Without chaos there is no change. Without change there is stagnation. Chaos therefore, is an inevitable part of life. What if we could learn to harness its potential? To embrace it as an ally in our quest for personal evolution?

Poetry gives a voice to inner experience that is free from constraint, and invites our natural instinct for rhythm to pulse through the stories we have to tell. It is here that words that cannot otherwise be found or spoken, emerge. In the writing, in the telling, we come to know parts of ourselves that lie dormant, that we don’t give space to in regular life, that speak to us of our deepest inner truth.

In this workshop we will explore the juxtaposition of chaos and potential in your life. Through individual and shared exercises we’ll move through the process of deepening our exploration of the seeds that sprout from this inner inquiry. Sufficient guidance will be given on how to create the poems, after which there will be a performance section in which you’ll be invited to share your poem as a lived expression (here too, guidance will be provided:)).