Spanish Masterheart


Your monthly taste of engaging materials to sense and integrate your Spanish and make it your own.

“Your vision becomes clear when you look inside your heart.

Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”

—Carl Gustav Jung

How can you awake your Spanish speaking self?


Spanish Masterheart is a monthly 40′ish-page pdf guide of activities, poetry, journaling, and audio so you can immerse yourself in Spanish without the distraction of grammar. 

For intermediate to advanced students of Spanish (all content in Spanish)

  • Creative writing exercise and inspiration
  • A story 
  • Video prompt
  • Essay about a thought-provoking topic + journaling prompt. 

Discover yourself in Spanish. Find out WHO you are
and WHY so you can find and express your AUTHENTIC Spanish voice.


Connect with Spanish, with your learning practice, and with yourself through Spanish Masterheart.


You are living in your body, let’s see how this can support and enhance your Spanish learning.

What is included?

Read & Journal

An exclusive text about self-enquiry, somatic psychology, self-expression, arts…. We pay attention to some words and explore their use. There are also hints to grammar points. The text will include journaling prompts.

Audio Prompt

Video journaling prompts for you to respond in writing or speaking.

Recording of all texts so you can practice your listening.

Creativity & Sensuality

You will receive prompts to explore your senses and creativity  through Spanish (creative writing, singing, dancing, drawing!). You will also find a vocabulary page. Think art therapy meets Spanish language learning.


You will receive a recording of a story, tale, myth (with transcription) to listen at home or on the move.

As part of the membership you can avail of one 1:1 consultation per month. In this 15-minutes consultation you can ask any Spanish related question you may have or use it to practise your conversation skills about the topic of the month.


Tuesdays, 10am – 11am (CET) / 4am – 5am (EDT)

Thursdays, 4pm a 5pm (CET) / 10am – 11am (EDT)

↓↓↓  Have a sneak peek at the contents of the guide ↓↓↓ 

What would happen if you engaged your brain less and your heart more

in your language learning practise?

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Love Words from Members

Estoy encantada con el primer mes de la membresía de Spanish Masterheart (Opción Heart). Me gusta mucho el enfoque, consistiendo a dejar al intelectual a favor de la impregnación. Las herramientas variadas son de calidad; y conducen a una forma muy agradable de autonomía en el aprendizaje. Ya sea leyendo, escuchando, pensando o creando, ¡ hay algo para satisfacer todas las partes en sí mismo ! Aprecio enormemente la originalidad de este método, que me anima a conocerme en un idioma extranjera. Así, es un placer estudiar el español. Y me parece que María está muy involucrada con sus alumnos. Me siento en confianza.
Cécile Stefanon
Cuidados energéticos
A veces no encuentro las palabras para expresar lo que siento cuando recibo las tareas de Masterheart. Para mi, no son como las tareas que mucha veces hacemos sin voluntad. Ayer me quedé pensando en cómo me hacen falta cuando no las recibo porque siempre llegan con una canción, una poesía, una meditación, una reflexión. Es increíble. Eso hace toda la diferencia en estudiar el idioma y, cada vez más, tengo ganas de pensar y escribir en español. Así es que también me siento una nueva persona, despertando mis sentidos.
Fátima Souza
Professora Assistente

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40€ / month

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