Poetry Webinar

Learning a language can be fun (and it should be).

Using poetry in general has been proven to develop the target language cultural awareness, enhancing lingüistic knowledge, promoting communicative competence, gaining awareness of critical thinking and helping self-discovery or personal growth.

Using self – expression and creativity as a means to explore yourself and how the target language merges with your own mindset and patterns. Any form of creativity in the target language is the ultimate way of making that language yours.

Would you dare to learn in a different way?

I invite you to participate in a webinar about learning Spanish through poetry. 

You might be sceptical about this premise, but I am sure that you will leave this webinar inspired and motivated to get creative in your Spanish learning.

You don’t believe me?

Ok, sign up for this free webinar and see it for yourself, you’ve got nothing to loose, but so much to gain (or learn).

What you'll learn:

This webinar will be held in English so you don’t actually need to have a high level of Spanish,
but the activities are oriented to Spanish learners of all levels.

To understand a text in Spanish. A poem no less!

A  specific grammar point or use of language structure.

How to “perform” a poem

A memorisation technique

To start writing your own poems in Spanish (again, this is for all levels)

Live Webinar

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