Español através de la poesía

“Puedo escribir los versos más tristes esta noche…” – Pablo Neruda

Why learning Spanish through poetry

Many are the studies which back the use of poetry to learn a foreign language. 

Some reasons

 Accuracy in pronunciation

Development of complex structures and vocabulary

Understanding meaning and uses of word combinations, alteration of regular structures…

Deeper understanding and cultural awareness.

Deepening the ways of self-expression and self-realisation.

Stages of the course


You will be provided with an audio file to listen to the poem. The goal is to internalise the sounds and rhythms of the new language.


To increase your grasp of the language’s vocabulary, syntax, and grammar.

Memorizing involves different parts of the brain. When you memorize and then recite a poem, you read the words and hear them as you recite. Different regions of the brain respond to the sight and the sound of the words, and it’s this dual processing that makes memorizing poems such a useful tool for language learning.


Reading and writing second language poetry offers learners an incomparable opportunity to unleash their creativity, make new words their own, connect with the new language in an emotional and personally meaningful way, and create a new linguistic self.


You will access poems carefully chosen by level (each poem has some interesting grammar points I’ll explain further), themes (there is love, there is literature, there is culture, society, behaviour…) and poets belonging to different periods so the student is exposed to a wide spectrum and has later the knowledge and tools to continue on their own.

Access to all poems in an audio file format for you to listen and repeat. Listen to the intonation, pronunciation, stress, rhythm…

You will be provided with a vocabulary list with all the key words in the poem and its translation.

So you can understand what the author wanted to say.

The course includes videos  and pdfs explaining different memorisation tools you can use.

The course includes group calls in which you will be given the option to “perform” the poem and be guided in the pronunciation and intonation.

Video lessons explaining writing techniques and providing examples so have all you need to start writing your own poetry.

To guide you in the creation of your own poems.

Who is this course for?

A learner of Spanish not interested in conventional ways of learning languages, and eager to explore more creative and fun ways of learning and internalising a language.

Someone willing to explore their own creativity and prepared to delve deep in their own self-knowledge.

Anybody tired of not reaching the level of fluency they desire.

Anybody who wants to experience that aha moment when the language finally makes sense.

Anybody who  desires to see the connections and patterns of the Spanish language.

Anybody interested in understanding deeply the Spanish culture and its mindset.

Here's what's included in the course:

  • Weekly lessons deliver over video, audio and transcripts.
  • 8 x live Zoom themed group lessons. 
  • An eBook with all the course lessons and content for future reference.
  • Creative writing templates.
  •  9 x workbook modules

Over 12 weeks we will cover:

  • Language structures and grammar explanations.
  • Understand nuances and intentions in the written and spoken word.
  • Internalise the way of thinking that creates the Spanish language.
  • Memorisation techniques applicable to all areas in your life.
  • Creative writing techniques and resources that can be applied to any other language learning.
  • Deepen the understanding of the form and content in the Spanish language.

Enrolments for 3rd quarter 2018

Class start date: 17th September 2018

Course duration: 12 weeks (until 9th December 2018)

Places available: 15

Enrolment fee: 130€  (approx. 150USD)*

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