Are you looking for lessons, tutoring for specific topics (pronunciation, tenses…) or language coaching?

DELE Preparation packages

Do you need help with the DELE exam? You have been preparing for the exam with different courses and tutors but now you need the help of an experienced teacher and DELE examiner to finalise your preparation and assure your success? 

I am a certified DELE examiner and I have an extensive experience preparing students to take the DELE exam. I can guide you to understand the best use of your time, how the exam works and how the examiners will assess your performance. Optimise your time and make sure you succeed.

Specific Tutoring

Your pronunciation is so unclear that when you talk people don’t understand you? Your level of Spanish sounds much worse than what it is?


Maybe you don’t get how to use the different tenses in Spanish or how the Subjunctive works?


You have an advanced level but you need help with your writing?


You are fluent in Spanish, maybe you even teach it! but you need someone to solve your high-level grammar or use of language queries?


I am your woman. I have academic training in languages and I am a grammar nerd. This combined with my 15 years teaching experience, allows me to go deep in to the Spanish language and explain all these language intricacies. I can offer you a customised, laser-focused session (or sessions) to solve these questions once and for all.

Embodied Spanish Coaching

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