You are here because you feel there is disconnection between the Spanish you know and the Spanish you speak.

You are here because you are ready to find your voice in Spanish and to start speaking confidently

Embodied Spanish Coaching

Slow and experiential Spanish learning to support learner to find the own Spanish voice through introspection and creativity.

The embodied Spanish coaching I have created are oriented to strengthen your foundation in Spanish, help you to gain confidence and spontaneity in your conversations in Spanish and to integrate all the learnings in an increasingly deepening process.

DELE Preparation packages

Do you need help with the DELE exam? You have been preparing for the exam with different courses and tutors but now you need the help of an experienced teacher and DELE examiner to finalise your preparation and assure your success? 

I am a certified DELE examiner and I have an extensive experience preparing students to take the DELE exam. I can guide you to understand the best use of your time, how the exam works and how the examiners will assess your performance. Optimise your time and make sure you succeed.

Let’s do this!