Spanish learning material

Learning Spanish is not linear, it goes in circles, like a spiral. Over time, you will revisit each topic you learned over and over again, gaining a deeper understanding.

You access a topic, spend time exploring it, creating a foundation, and then you practise until it takes hold or makes sense. Then you move on to another topic and do the same.

The way I have structured my online self-paced courses goes around this idea of spiral learning.

Spanish Masterclasses

In the masterclasses I give you all you need to know (from beginners to advance knowledge) on the most searched grammar topics.

These are your foundation / tools 

○  The Past Tenses Masterclass ○  

○  The Subjunctive Masterclass  ○  

○  The Ser vs Estar Masterclass ○  

○  The Prepositions Masterclass ○  

Unravel Your Spanish Voice

3 – week course

Week 1 – Reading – To put Spanish in context

Week 2 – Writing – Training to work the writing expression

Week 3 – Speaking – Training to work on your spontaneous verbal response

Spanish Through Poetry

3 – week course

You will anchor the language and find your own voice as a poet + Spanish speaker.

You will develop confidence in yourself and when speaking in Spanish and increase your fluency and accuracy in Spanish

You will connect with yourself.