Spanish learning material

Spanish Learning Materials


The Membership - LA MEMBRESÍA

  • 365 emails (an email per day for two years)
    • video (short movies, lessons…)
    • podcast
    • reading activities
    • quizzes
    • and more…
  • Monthly Lecture Booklet
    • pronunciation explanations and practical exercises
    • cultural topics
    • and more…
  • 1 group call
  • 15 min 1-to-1 call every fortnight
  • Q&A Live Call
  • Access to e-courses

Price: 25€ p/m or 250€ year

Online Courses

The Silenced Voice - La voz Silenciada

  • 12 week course.
  • 2 lessons per week delivered over video, audio and transcripts.
  • 8 live Zoom group calls to receive direct feedback and guidance from me, and to have the opportunity to complete the practical stage of this course.
  • eBook with all the course lessons and content for future reference.
  • creative writing templates.
  • 12 x workbook modules

Lifetime access to course.
More information

Class start date: 8th March 2019

Price: 230€


Spanish Through Poetry - 1 (Workbook)


In this bilingual book you will find:

  • Nine poems in Spanish with its English translation.
  • Five language points that appear in every poem.
  • Four literary devices.
  • Short lists of vocabulary from every poem.
  • Eight prompts of creative writing that will inspire you to put the vocabulary, grammar structures and literary devices in practise.

If you’re learning Spanish and enjoy reading, this is the book you need to rekindle your passion for the language and take your Spanish to the next level!


Price: 30€

Amantes del Español - 1

A text book containing explanations and activities for students of Spanish or teachers including audio files.


Price: 6€