5 tips to sound like a native Spanish speaker

5 Steps to sound like a native Spanish speaker 2

Every language has its own prosody – the patterns of stress and intonation–. That’s why when we are in a foreign country we can recognise our compatriots by hearing them speaking even if we don’t hear what they say. In this post you will learn: The intonation in Spanish Five […]

Episode 2: Entrevista con Ana Dorado, fotógrafa

Ana transformó un hobby que se le daba bien en una profesión cuando la crisis golpeó al tigre celta.  Lanzarse al vacío e iniciar la aventura empresarial de crear tu propia empresa de fotografía requería de ella algo más que tener buen ojo. Tomar la valiente decisión de crear un trabajo […]

Describe your morning routine in Spanish and create a successful Spanish routine

Cada día es un nuevo comienzo.(Every day is a new beginning)  <img width=”1170″ height=”350″ src=”” alt=”” srcset=” 1170w,×90.png 300w,×230.png 768w,×306.png 1024w” sizes=”(max-width: 1170px) 100vw, 1170px” /> There are multiple reasons why you should be comfortable describing your  morning routine, one of them being the DELE exam (as […]

Info DELE 2016 – Get your Official Spanish Diploma!

  These are official diplomas accrediting your level of Spanish, issued by Instituto Cervantes on behalf of Spain’s Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. They are valid indefinitely and are widely recognized internationally. Enroll in a DELE exam for the April 2016 sitting! There are 5 sittings planned for 2016, here you have the […]

Comentar una fotografía – Online Spanish Tutor – Intermediate (Podcast 9)

    Comentar una fotografía – 9     In this podcast I will show you how to describe and analyze a photo with one image of my favorite photographer, Henry Cartier-Bresson. You will learn very useful vocabulary about photography and how to express an opinion in Spanish about any […]