Past tenses in Spanish

Spanish Past Tenses Overview

Spanish Past Tenses Overview 1 There are four past tenses in Spanish; the perfecto, the indefinido, the imperfecto and the pluscuamperfecto. These four tenses dance together when we tell stories about the past or anecdotes… The four are necessary to express when the action happens, but also to set up the context of that past story. In this blogpost, I […]

Talk about the past in Spanish (I): Pretérito Perfecto de Indicativo (Present Perfect) 7

To talk about past experiences in an undefined time in the past, whether we don’t know exactly “when”, or just because it’s not important, we use the “Pretérito Perfecto de Indicativo” (Present Perfect). Formation The Pretérito Perfecto is formed in the same way as English, with the verb “haber” (is […]