La mitología vasca es una de las más ricas de Europa, un pequeño parnaso presidido por la Diosa Madre, Amari, y habitado por gigantes, lamias, duendes, dragones, brujas y un gran número de seres fantásticos.

Basque mythology is one of the richest in Europe, a little collection lead by the Goddess Mother, Amari, and inhabited by giants, lamias, spirits, dragons, witches and a great number of fantastic beings.

Trilogía del Baztán - Curso de Conversación

The Conversation Course Trilogía del Baztán is a 3 week online course ( x 3 ) that will allow you to deepen in the language through the Basque mythology and folklore. 

It is aimed to intermediate to advanced students.

Free Introductory section

This guide + workbook (all in Spanish with vocabulary in English) doubles down as a sample of the materials and as an introductory guide.

I invite you to download it here (or click on the image) to start exploring the setting of Dolores Redondo’s trilogy before you watch the movies (available in Netflix) or watch them again! It will give you a further insight into the Basque folklore in which these movies are set. 

You will find a wide range of materials, from videos to watch with its transcription, to grammar in the context of the story and cultural heritage.


Three modules

Module 1 – El guardián invisible 
Module 2 – El legado en los huesos 
Module 3 – Ofrenda a la tormenta

Each module contains

Section 1 – Place
Group call #1

Section 2 – Characters and plot
Group call #2

Section 3 – Mythology
Group call #3

How it will work

This course comprises three modules per movie of the Baztán trilogy. You can do one module, two or the three.

Each module is three weeks long. We’ll have three group calls (on Zoom) every week, on Tuesdays at 6pm (Madrid time). Check out the dates below.

You will be provided with the guide and workshop for each movie a week prior the first call (on Tuesday the week before). In the workbook you will find activities whose response you can send me via email in order to receive personalised feedback and corrections.

During the three weeks, we’ll have a continuous conversation in the private Whatsapp group.

What is included

In each module

– One guide + workbook (containing the three sections: lugar, personajes e historia y elemento mitológico)

– Three 60 min group calls

– Private Whatsapp group to talk about the course content

– Personalised feedback of all the activities via email.

We start on Tuesday 1st of September when you will receive Module 1.


150€ / per module

Enrol for one module
( Single one time payment )

Enrol for all the three modules and forget about it
( Recurrent monthly payment x 3 )

Dates of the group calls

September 2020

Module 1

Group Call #1
Tuesday 8th September

Group Call #2
Tuesday 11th September

Group Call #3
Tuesday 22nd September

Octubre 2020

Module 2

Group Call #1
Tuesday 6th October

Group Call #2
Tuesday 13th October

Group Call #3
Tuesday 10th October

November 2020

Module 3

Group Call #1
Tuesday 3rd November

Group Call #2
Tuesday 10th November

Group Call #3
Tuesday 17th November