1:1 Professional Development & Support

‘an experienced and trusted advisor’.

At many points in our careers, we feel lost, lose motivation, and purpose, want to redirect our career or personal life, and want more balance, direction, and guidance. We need a mentor.

If you are a language educator, coach, therapeutic practitioner, teacher, social worker, activist, art worker or a professional of any kind and feel you and your clients would benefit from this work, get in touch with me to set up a consultation and we can have a chat

Areas en las que te puedo ayudar

  • Holistic and ethical business and marketing.
  • Menstrual Cycle Awareness.
  • Cyclical living and learning.
  • Diversity and inclusivity in the area of the language learning industry.
  • Embodied communication skills.
  • Running a business honouring your own nervous system and cycles

  • Building a language education business.

Who I work with

I work with educators, coaches, social workers, activists, art workers, mental health professionals and self-taught language learners who approach their work and study holistically. They know there is so much more to work and learn than what you get from it. It’s what you become through it. They know there’s so much potential but need guidance and support to access it. Whether that’s in their work, their relationship to learning, to themselves and others, or their self-expression, there is a deep desire for radical change, authenticity, connection and belonging.

My approach

My goal is to support and guide you to reframe and redefine your life by offering you the possibility to explore your current “frame” and “definition” – your perspective and limitations – through the mirror of my presence.

I become a mirror that reflects not only what is currently there but what it can be as I believe in you and see the potential. 

Together we find your own path to achieve your goals.

During our time together

The coaching container includes online calls, additional email support, access to online content, homework and feedback on work.


Single mentoring session


  • 1 x 60 min Zoom session
  • Email support for one week after the session to ask questions and request further support.
  • It is recommended to bring up to 3 key issues you would like to address in our session, which you can outline in the intake form.
  • Our sessions are always very intuitively led, where you can relax, ask questions, absorb the guidance and take notes of any practices or solutions that you can take to move forward.

Price 125€

3-month mentoring container

  • 3 calls (one per month)
  • Email support in between to share progress and ask questions that will propel you forward. The email support is incredibly powerful when maximised (often acting as ‘extra sessions’), so I encourage you to do so.
  • In our first session together, we will set specific aims for us to complete throughout our time together. You are responsible for taking notes and actioning the steps outlined in our sessions to keep you focused and moving forward.
  • Our sessions are entirely customised to your current needs, and we will cover all the emotional, psychological and practical aspects with a holistic overview to meet your personal or professional goals.

Price 300€

asynchronous mentoring

Email and voice messages for a month. For those who do not want to add more time in front of the computer screen and prefer to work asynchronously. The email/voice message support is incredibly powerful when maximised (often acting as mentoring sessions in their own right).

  • Email, voice message or video message response within 24 hours (Monday to Friday between 8am to 5pm GMT).

Price per month*: 75€

*This is not a recurrent payment.

Every piece of advice Maria sahred with the group or personally were so precise and resonate with me loudly! Since august 2022, when the training started, I have lived a constant evolution, I have been putting step by step what came out in my teaching and coaching business and I can daily prove how this benefits both me and people who I work with. Maria is an empathic and profound coach and teacher, who gives you the space you need in order to be comfortable along the path. With so much gratitude I can say she is inspiring and generous in sharing what she is and knows. A great mentor!
Giulia Tosolini
Some of the lessons this mentorship has taught me include: The importance of living with embodiment and integrity, and ways to integrate my true motivations with my work and my language coaching business; how to use poetry to consolidate ideas, opinions and experiences; how to 'stand in my power' and dare to differentiate myself and my way of working.
Hedvig Sandbu

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