In this bilingual book you will find:

  • Nine poems in Spanish with its English translation.
  • Five language points that appear in every poem.
  • Four literary devices.
  • Short lists of vocabulary from every poem.
  • Eight prompts of creative writing that will inspire you to put the vocabulary, grammar structures and literary devices in practise.

If you’re learning Spanish and enjoy reading, this is the book you need to rekindle your passion for the language and take your Spanish to the next level!

Price: 30€


text book containing explanations and activities for students of Spanish or teachers including audio files.

It is suitable for complete beginners and it will take you to A2.

Includes the Present Indicative, the basis verbal combinations (ir a + indicativo, estar + gerundio…) and the Pretérito Perfecto as the first past tense.

Price: 6€