I’m an embodied language coach, author, speaker, and multilingual poetry teacher. 

Would you like to experience Spanish as the transformational journey it can actually be?

I’m thrilled that you are here! As an embodied language coach and Spanish teacher, I work with you to create profound shifts in your mindset that catalyze a change in your language learning experience. This will change your life as I help you to find your authentic Spanish voice and express it confidently. 

I use a holistic approach. This means I work with people to explore how they can bring their entire self (mind, body, heart, and soul) to the learning process. Many of my clients have their own businesses, are introverts or feminine oriented, and find mainstream learning methods aggressive, incomplete, and stressful. 

People like you engage me to find new motivation and joy in learning Spanish. I not only teach, but guide you to find your unique voice in Spanish so you can express yourself confidently. You will feel fulfilled, vital, and aligned in your newfound Spanish expression and capability.

REWILD : A Journey to Better Expression in Spanish

My free online class will give you a different perspective to learning Spanish. It will guide and show you how to start approaching your Spanish learning journey from a different and more satisfying path.

Join One Of My Embodied Spanish Courses

Study online with me to learn how transformative learning Spanish can be.

Experience a different way of learning Spanish, a cyclical way that moves deeper in a never-ending spiral of understanding and more confident expression.

A way that will allow you to express yourself in Spanish just as in your native language. One that will allow you to discover more of yourself and connect with others deeply through Spanish. This novel approach involves and works with your entire body, senses, and emotions for deeper learning. A way that allows you to dance harmoniously with nature.


Weaving Words: The Alchemy of Languages

This book presents the idea of learning a language by focusing less on your brain and more on your heart. This is the missing link to speak any language with, and beyond the point of, fluency. The content of the book is based on modern neuroeducation practices and linguistic research. It explores the potential for learning where the brain is not the only part of our body running the show. However, this book is not academic and has a strong poetic voice that will speak to your heart rather than just your mind.

Available worldwide in ebook and paperback format.


“Very effective teaching approach -class is very much orientated towards the goal of effective communication in the real world as opposed to just instruction in grammatical principles/vocabulary lists. Comfortable- a non-threatening, positive learning environment which always encourages the achievement of potential and stimulates you to want to do your absolute best. Prompt always- love it. Valuable both in terms of knowledge/skills imparted as well as in terms of being a very positive interaction with you, María, and the overall experience is an enormous contribution to my personal development . “
– Mary Mc Collam, Canada