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"Everything is alive. Everything is interconnected" - Cicero

Authenticity comes from self-knowledge and self-awareness. It is related to a deep understanding of your individuality and identity, which are alive and changing all the time.

Confidence is rooted in self-efficacy, that is, the belief one has about their own capabilities to execute or accomplish something. This is deeply interconnected with your personal history, past experiences and passed on beliefs.

◦ If you feel unsure when speaking in a non-native language (ie. Spanish) with native speakers,

◦ If you feel “unseen” when speaking in a non-native language and can’t express parts of yourself such as your humour, colour, quirks, and uniqueness,

◦ If you can or have to express yourself in more than one language (at work or as an expatriate/immigrant) but feel frustrated with the prejudice you encounter towards your name, accent, or speech…

I can help you. Here is how.

We can work together in different ways: 1:1, self-paced courses, peer groups, or via speaking events, retreats... and more!

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About Me

I am an embodied language coach. I advocate for self-expression and the full expression of identity. This encompasses being your confidence coach, a writer, educator, facilitator, and poetry therapy practitioner.


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some testimonials

“Honestly, you have shown me much wisdom, kindness, compassion, and patience.  Despite your obvious intelligence and skills, these are the traits that I most admire in an educator and individual.
Thank you for making me feel so comfortable.”
Coaching for Confidence in Spanish student
“Very effective teaching approach. Comfortable: a non-threatening, positive learning environment that always encourages the achievement of potential and stimulates you to want to do your absolute best. Valuable both in terms of knowledge/skills imparted as well as in terms of being a very positive interaction with you, María, and the overall experience is an enormous contribution to my personal development.
Coaching for Spanish student

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Weaving Words: The Alchemy of Languages is my first book.


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Conversations devoted to pushing the edges of how language is perceived, used, learned.

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