Hola, I'm María

I am an embodied language coach, and I am here to help you express yourself in Spanish confidently, authentically and accurately.

Does This Sound like you?

You want to speak Spanish confidently and accurately.

You know the basics but struggle to build correct sentences in your spontaneous conversations with native Spanish speakers.

You have an ample vocabulary, but those words don’t come out when needed.

Your heart race a little when you are in a group conversation with Spanish native speakers.

You feel that you are not expressing yourself fully in Spanish, that are parts of you that don’t come through.

You feel frustrated when we can’t find the right word, or when we make grammatical mistakes, or when we feel we can’t express our own quirkiness in Spanish.

That's where I come in!

I am María Ortega García, an Embodied Language coach and Spanish teacher, to help people feel fully self-expressed in Spanish. I do this by providing them with the tools and strategies to learn and speak Spanish authentically without sounding unnatural, a copy of a textbook or an imitation of other people’s way of speaking.

I have been teaching languages for the past 10 years and during this time I have been a language learner (I speak fluent English, French, dabbled in German, Chinese and Arabic and I am now learning (and loving) Irish. 

I know that learning a language is more than “acquiring” the language itself.

As humans, we cannot separate the language knowledge from our intrinsic way of expressing ourselves and the blockages we may have acquired along the way as learners and speakers. Some people had bad experiences learning languages at school, impacting their speech or writing. Others grew believing they were bad at languages, others bad at numbers. Many developed a hatred towards writing, and many more develop a discomfort towards any form of introspection. Other people develop a fear of speaking in public, others fear of not being understood when speaking… You get the idea.

All this impacts how you learn a language and should be addressed in the learning process as much, if not more, than the grammar and vocabulary of the language itself.

Let's work together

These are the ways that you and I can work together.

The Spanish Membership, the self-paced courses and the deep and personal 1:1 and group programs. Writing mentorship and essay correction is also available. Just contact me.

If none of the above speaks to you right now, stick around and make the most of the free content I offer here, in my weekly newsletters and the blog posts and YouTube videos.

A bit about me

In case you want to know more about me. I am originally from Spain (born in Burgos), but I moved to France right after completing my studies in Humanities to start teaching Spanish in a French secondary school. That was in 2004. Since then, I didn’t stop teaching nor travelling. After a few years living the nomadic life and building my online teaching practice, I settled in Ireland with my partner.

I live in a small town in southeast Ireland where I enjoy watching the birds, falling in love with crows, the green forests, and rocky Irish seafronts.

A few of my favourite things are walking amongst the trees and next to the sea, writing words in any form: journaling, poetry, prose… reading (anything) and baking (I’ve been praised for my muffins and cookies). Learning Irish and deepening my knowledge of the Celtic tradition and folklore while sipping on a deep rich red wine can easily transport me to heaven.

If you want to know more about me, let’s connect! I love emails! *wink, wink*