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Sobre límites y lenguaje

The limits of language   Recently updated !

Eres completo y también parte de círculos mayores y mayores de compleción de los que igual no sabes siquiera. Nunca estás solo. Y ya perteneces. Perteneces a la humanidad. Perteneces a la vida.  Jon Kabat-Zinn You are whole and also part of larger and larger circles of wholeness you many not […]

Why mantras and affirmations will boost your Spanish learning

Why mantras and affirmations will boost your Spanish learning

As Gerald Edelman said: “L’expérience sculpte la conscience”, the experience will shape conscience, which, applied to language learning means that, in order to internalise a language more efficiently one needs to  “experience” it, to feel it. One way of doing this is by creating your own affirmations or mantras and […]

Optimise language learning

How to optimise your language learning time? Calm & Activate

Calm & Activate Much has been said about the key ingredients to a successful learning process. Being <em><strong>disciplined</strong></em> and <strong><em>constant</em></strong> is essential to learning, implementing and following a routine around the language that combines your goals and your time and that works for you is a very important step to reach […]

LangFest 2019 – All about languages and what is most important about them

“There are no foreign languages, there are onlylanguages I can’t communicate in (…yet)”. This sentence summarizes the two weeks I spent in Montréal to attend LangFest 2019. What a conference! It was a celebration of one of the best forms of communication known to man: languages. It was a language lovers […]

Spanish Past Tenses Overview

Spanish Past Tenses Overview 1 There are four past tenses in Spanish; the perfecto, the indefinido, the imperfecto and the pluscuamperfecto. These four tenses dance together when we tell stories about the past or anecdotes… The four are necessary to express when the action happens, but also to set up the context of that past story. In this blogpost, I […]

How to become fluent in Spanish

“Confidence is preparation.  Everything else is beyond your control.” – Richard Kline   But, what does “fluent” even mean? According to the dictionary, FLUENCY is about expressing oneself easily, articulately and effortlessly in Spanish. And yet, being fluent in Spanish means something different for each person depending on their needs. […]

Learn Spanish by Living 2

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin “How do we learn better?”  This question keeps going round in my head over and over since I started teaching. What is the best way to access knowledge? And, the best way […]

5 tips to sound like a native Spanish speaker

5 Steps to sound like a native Spanish speaker 2

Every language has its own prosody – the patterns of stress and intonation–. That’s why when we are in a foreign country we can recognise our compatriots by hearing them speaking even if we don’t hear what they say. In this post you will learn: The intonation in Spanish Five […]

Episode 3: Entrevista con Gabi Carreira, buscadora transcendental

Gaby Carreira, nacida en Argentina se mudó a Galicia con su familia y de ahí a Valencia, donde vive actualmente. Gaby es una buscadora vital, viajante y bloguera que se hace muchas preguntas transcendentales.Haciendo honor a su afán de compartir, Gaby nos habla de libros y recursos interesantes que le han […]

A fresh approach to Spanish with CREA

My Story After fourteen years of teaching experience both in schools and privately, my teaching journey has been a windy one. It started with a professional path separated from the personal one because I felt that I, with all my varied passions and quirks, was not adequate for the task […]

A Brief History of Thought: 4 Spanish Thinkers

Yo soy yo y mi circunstancia, y si no la salvo a ella no me salvo yo.  – Ortega y Gasset Philosophy and philosophers might seem far too abstract and disconnected with the “real” world, however, different philosophical principles and concepts from different times, ie. Ancient Greece, are still very much alive […]

Episode 2: Entrevista con Ana Dorado, fotógrafa

Ana transformó un hobby que se le daba bien en una profesión cuando la crisis golpeó al tigre celta.  Lanzarse al vacío e iniciar la aventura empresarial de crear tu propia empresa de fotografía requería de ella algo más que tener buen ojo. Tomar la valiente decisión de crear un trabajo […]

Describe your morning routine in Spanish and create a successful Spanish routine

Cada día es un nuevo comienzo.(Every day is a new beginning)  <img width=”1170″ height=”350″ src=”” alt=”” srcset=” 1170w,×90.png 300w,×230.png 768w,×306.png 1024w” sizes=”(max-width: 1170px) 100vw, 1170px” /> There are multiple reasons why you should be comfortable describing your  morning routine, one of them being the DELE exam (as […]