You are here because you know that more Spanish lessons won't help you speak more authentically and confidently in Spanish.
A change of mindset will. Finding your voice will.

You are either (re)learning Spanish to reconnect with your heritage, connect with your community, or carry through your social impact work (teachers, immigrant lawyers, volunteers). I see you and I love working with you.

I have a range of options for you, from affordable self-paced courses to regular workshops about different topics carried out in Spanish or 1:1 coaching.

Peruse the offerings. Take your time to see if there is anything here that feels right for you. 

Ask me if you have any questions, and book a free consultation to assess if we are a good match.

Self-Paced Materials

Spanish Grammar Courses

Self-paced grammar courses focused on the most challenging topics in Spanish grammar.

Master the use of the Spanish Subjunctive, the Past Tenses, Ser vs. Estar, and the verbs of transformation in Spanish.

1:1 Personal Coaching

Confidence in Spanish

During these coaching sessions to achieve confidence speaking Spanish, we work together on the blockages that prevent you from speaking confidently in Spanish. We disintegrate the stale thinking patterns and limited beliefs that bring stress when communicating in Spanish. 

After the sessions, you will have a set of practical tools and techniques to use to when speaking in Spanish.

The real work happens between our calls because each session ends with important, significant, and challenging next steps for you to take. We will get down into the core of how to get you to where you want to be. I can’t help you unless you’re ready to evolve but don’t worry, I support you every step of the way!

Authentic Spanish Expression

Your voice in your native language is not directlty translatable to another language. The only way to express authentically in Spanish is to discover and create from experience combined with the language and mindset.

During these sessions I help you find the imagery in Spanish and what the language evokes in you. We will find your unique voice and express it.


Creative writing tasks and introspective activities will bring forth the unique flavour of Spanish that is inside of you!

DELE Preparation

If you are interested in taking the DELE exam, I can help. I’m a certified DELE examiner with over 10 years of experience preparing students for this exam. Also, the results of my students are very positive.

Click HERE to have a look at the two programs and the previous students’ testimonials.

Spots are limited as I only take 2 students per examination cycle (April / May,  July, and October / November) with a minimum lead time required of two months (60 days) so get in touch as early as possible to secure your spot.

Let’s assess if we are a good fit and create the perfect program for you.

30 minute free consultation