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Conversations devoted to pushing the edges of how language is perceived, used, learned.

Using words is integral to our everyday life, where language is the primary tool for expression and communication. However, we still treat languages as a field separate from mental health, spirituality, arts, politics, racism, amongst others, although all these areas belong to the human experience as well.

With these conversations, our goal is to integrate languages with every other aspect of being human, to promote a conscious use of language and reclaim the adoption of a more nuanced language to help us navigate an increasingly polarised and dual society, a language that allows for critical thinking, inclusion and to express the full extent of our identity.


multilingualism / multiculturalism

language learning

linguistic racism / decolonising languages

heritage languages

poetry / poetry therapy

identity & authenticity

maker movement



mental health

personal development


social inclusion


business / marketing

latest episodes

Ep. 5 How language creates our world: we are language and culture makers

The conversation with Kelly was about the use of language in the context of business and how its use has an impact and carries weight. We explore the idea of being intentional in the use of language as co-creators of both language and our future.

Ep. 4 Intercultural communication and language learning

This conversation with Lia was a pleasure to have. There was a general sense of depth and understanding. This is what an interculturalist brings to the equation. 

Ep. 3 Neuroeducation, languages and self-expression

In today’s conversation, Hedvig and I had a varied conversation that from spanned more academic areas like neurolanguages to the experiential realities self-expression and identity in different languages.

Ep. 2 Mindfulness and language: you have been focusing on the wrong thing

In this conversation with Virginia, we talked about mindfulness in general to then, focus on how mindfulness applies to the realm of languages and expression in a non-native language, and how we have been focusing on the wrong thing.

Ep. 1 Healing Self-Expression Through Languages & Art

In today’s episode, María and Jessica discuss healing self-expression in a non-native language, the idea of authority as a hindrance for self-expression and art therapy and languages as a healing tool. 

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