DELE Preparation

I am a both a DELE certified instructor and examiner so I know extremely well what’s required to succeed in the exam (including how to prepare and what to focus on during the preparation). I have been preparing students for many years and the results have been great!.

What is DELE?

DELE (Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language) are a official and internationally recognized qualifications that prove to
official organizations or employers your level of Spanish proficiency. More information about these qualifications is available here.

If you plan to pass the DELE exam, it’s important to:

  1. Know the structure of the exam.
  2. Know your level and the level you want to pass.
  3. Work hard and practice.

In my DELE classes you will prepare the four sections of the test as well as test-taking skills whilst focusing on the specific tasks for
the exam. We will start from your level of Spanish and will work on mastering the different tasks and polishing what is important for succeeding in the exam.

In the trial class I will assess your current level of Spanish and we will see if it’s viable to achieve the level of DELE you are aiming for. Then we will discuss the time available and the time necessary to be fully prepared for the exam. I will create a program for you and we will start working with both online classes and offline work (i.e. homework, reading, writing…). And then, after all your work and the classes you should easily pass the exam!

So, don’t wait any longer to get this certification. Book your trial class for a free assessment and let’s get practicing!


I am offering an exam preparation guided and personalized course. It is primarily 1-to-1 online via video conferencing and is an intense, fun, but rigorous course to help you to pass this Spanish exam. You learn online with this tailor-made program and get your tutor’s customized feedback and explanations.

Prepare for this official diploma from home and at your own pace with a personalized training course designed specifically for DELE certification.

About the course

Levels: A1 to C2.

Duration / Length: That depends on the student needs and time he can invest in the training. So contact me to get a tailor-made course.

This course includes all the materials to prepare the exam so that you don’t need to spend any more in getting a text book.


  • Certified teacher by Instituto Cervantes and with an ample experience in preparation courses and creation of materials.
  • DELE examiner, certified by Instituto Cervantes.

Structure of the course:

  • Intensive training in each of the four tasks (written task, conversation, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, integrated skills…)
  • Correction and feedback of every task done (via email and Skype).
  • Weekly mock exam of the conversation task with material created based on the real exam.

Also included:

  • Online interactive material (audio recordings, videos, quizzes…)
  • Access to different text books (grammar, vocabulary, exam preparation books …)
  • Self-evaluation tests.
  • Written tasks corrected by tutor.

Students who have already done this course and passed their exam or are doing it:

  1. Jane R. (Ireland) C1
  2. Mi Z. (USA) C2
  3. Ann S. (USA) C2
  4. Sylvie C. (France) C1
  5. Asa T. (USA) C1
  6. Declan C. (Ireland)  B1
  7. Charlotte L. (France) B2 
  8. Hiroe (Japan) B2 
  9. Cathy L. (Hong Kong) C1
  10. Liz S. (UK) C1
  11. Laura B. (UK) C1 
  12. Darpan P. (USA) B1
  13. A. Shapiro (USA) C1
  14. B. Hsu (Canada) B2

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