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Preparation DELE exam 2

DELE course

The target of this package is to prepare students for the DELE test, by providing both academic preparation on all 4 sections of the test, as well as test-taking skills (answering questions in the reading section without reading entire passage, elimination of multiple-choice possibilities, etc.).

First of all, what is DELE?

DELE means Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera (Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language).

These diplomas offer the only internationally accredited official titles which confirm a command of the Spanish Language and are awarded by the Spanish Ministry for Education, Culture and Sport.

The exams to obtain DELE are done every year in May, August and November, in many countries around the world (find where your closest examination centre in your city or country is here).

Get your official Spanish diploma! I help you!

I offer you an exam preparation course, online, intense and guided to help you to pass this Spanish exam. Learn online with a tailor-made programme and receive your tutor’s individual feedback and explanations.

Prepare for this official diplome from home, at your own pace with a personalized training designed in this Preparation for DELE course.

About the course

Levels: A2 to C2.

Duration / Length: That depends on the student needs and time he can invest in the training. So contact me to get a tailor-made course.

Prices: That also depends on the length of the course. But for you to get an idea, the prices for one month course will go around:

– 1 month course –

– Guided: 2 hours per week (1h in 2 days / 2 hours once a week) —> 350€

– Intensive: 4 hours per week ( 3 or 2 days a week) —> 600€

The price for a single one hour class is  30€.

This course includes all the materials to prepare the exam so that you don’t need to spend any more in getting a text book.

These are the prices for the fixed trainings, however, we can adapt the training to you, creating a tailor-made training, so the prices vary according to your needs.


  • Certified teacher by Instituto Cervantes and with an ample experience in preparation courses and creation of materials.

Structure of the course:

  • Intensive training in each of the four tasks (written task, conversation, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, integrated skills…)
  • Correction and feedback of every task done (via email and Skype).
  • Weekly mock exam of the conversation task with material created based on the real exam.


  • Online interactive material (audio recordings, videos, quizzes…)
  • Access to different text books (grammar, vocabulary, exam preparation books …)
  • Self-evaluation tests.
  • Written tasks corrected by tutor
  • 2h (guided)  to 4h (intensive) tutoring sessions  per week (via Skype).

Students who have already done this course and passed their exam or are doing it:

  1. Jane Roberts (Ireland) C1
  2. Mi Zheng (USA) C2
  3. Ann Sandoval (USA) C2 (in progress)
  4. Sylvie Chieu (France) C1 (in progress)


The following topics will be covered:

  • Writing:
    • Introduction to types of essays
    • Offer a mental template for addressing the essay structuring
    • Correct sentence-building
    • Practicing DELE essay topics.
  • Listening:
    • Getting acquainted with the different types of listening sections and questions
    • Elimination techniques
  • Speaking:
    • Practicing questions
    • Learning how to always prefer simple but correct answers.
  • Reading:
    • Questions
    • Arrange paragraphs, text logic.
    • Elimination technique.