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Sobre límites y lenguaje

The limits of language   Recently updated !

Eres completo y también parte de círculos mayores y mayores de compleción de los que igual no sabes siquiera. Nunca estás solo. Y ya perteneces. Perteneces a la humanidad. Perteneces a la vida.  Jon Kabat-Zinn You are whole and also part of larger and larger circles of wholeness you many not […]

5 tips to sound like a native Spanish speaker

5 Steps to sound like a native Spanish speaker 2

Every language has its own prosody – the patterns of stress and intonation–. That’s why when we are in a foreign country we can recognise our compatriots by hearing them speaking even if we don’t hear what they say. In this post you will learn: The intonation in Spanish Five […]

Vocabulary of the Senses

  As we advance in the journey of learning Spanish and we deepen in the Spanish language, we need resources to express with more and more detail our emotions, our surroundings, our views… These resources for advanced Spanish are at our disposal in books. Literature tends to be very descriptive […]

Verbs of transformation (Verbos de cambio) 2

Spanish has many verbs that are used for specific types of change or transformation, and if the change is sudden or involuntary. Many of those verbs mean “to become” in English but in Spanish they are not interchangeable because they have very specific meanings for particular situations. The next four verbs […]

Three verbs to talk about length time in Spanish: “tardar”, “llevar” and “durar” 8

Do you know how to use the verbs “tardar”, “llevar” and “durar” in time expressions? Their use is fairly common to express how long it takes to do something, how long something goes on for or how long something has been going on. Let’s see the best way to use […]

“Echar”: 7 meanings + 7 common expressions

“Echar” is a very tricky but I’m here to help! 🙂 If you look for the meanings of “echar” in the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy Dictionary) you will find about 48 meanings and as many expressions that use this verb. But despite all this abundance of meanings, the idea of […]

Suggest, accept and refuse plans

Suggest plans How useful is it to find the ways to propose, accept and refuse plans? In this post you will learn how to do exactly that. There are several ways of suggesting plans. Here I’ll show you few: – ¿Porqué no vamos a la playa mañana? – Why don’t […]

“Ser bueno” and “Estar bueno”: not the same thing? 5

“Ser” and “estar” are not the same thing, as the Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz tells us is his song “No es lo mismo” (here you can have a look at the lyrics in Spanish and its translation into English) In a previous post, I wrote about the differences between “bien, […]

Deal with computers and the Internet in Spanish

In this post we will see very useful vocabulary about Internet, social networks, computers… Ordendores (‘computers’) – Portátil (‘laptop’) – Ordenador de mesa (‘desktop computer’)                 Activities Clicar, hacer clic, cliquear, pinchar (‘to click’). We have different options, all valid, for this verb. […]

Uses of a nightmarish couple: “quedar” and “quedarse” 14

Today I’m determined to solve one of my students’ worst nightmare. (cheers and applauses…) When do we use “quedar” and when “quedarse”? What does it mean “quedar”? and “quedarse”? These two verbs have completely different meanings and uses, let’s take a look at them: Quedar Quedar has a few meanings: […]

Lover’s day: useful vocabulary and expressions in Spanish for Valentine’s Day

The 14th of February is Valentine’s Day so in today’s post I will show you some useful vocabulary and expressions related with this “loving” subject. We call this day El Día de los Enamorados or San Valentín in Spanish. What do we do in this day when we are love someone […]